Uses of Orthodontic Pliers

Uses of Orthodontic Pliers

A basic instrument for the orthodontist and general dentist, but do you really know how many types of orthodontic pliers are and what they really are for? Every professional should have a pair of Orthodontic pliers.

In this blog post, we are going to summarize the main models that should not be missing at the dental practice and surely some more that can facilitate the orthodontist´s work in the most specialized treatments.

Main features of the orthodontic pliers

One of the easiest ways to classify the pliers is according to its specific function inside the specialty, and even though some of them can be multipurpose at large ranges, we can find:

Band Remover Pliers

As the name implies, they help to eliminate the bands, the adhesives, and the supports. The most important part is the tip or peak of the band that removes the band, this can be jagged for a great precision handling and with a plastic pad in the other end.

There are general and specific models for anterior and posterior bands, the most important detail to take into account is the grip has to be comfortable and long enough for adequate access to the posterior zone.

Adhesive Remover Pliers

Adhesive removal pliers feature a blade on one side with an occlusal pad on the other to remove adhesives and bonding agents. They can also be used to remove metal and aesthetic brackets.

The tips can be made of stainless steel or with tungsten carbide inserts for a better grip capability, and have a better angle for posterior access. Some also have a spring mechanism for better durability.

Contouring Pliers

These very versatile tools are ideal for forming and contouring the molar bands and adapt the crown contours. They are also especially useful for placing accentuated curves in the wires.

The contouring pliers can present a slotted tip surface for a precise grip of specific size arches or they may not be slotted to contour any wire according to the thickness of the tip at which is placed. Tips should provide a secure grip to prevent scratching of the wires when contouring and bending the arches.

Press Pliers

The crimp or crimping pliers have a variety of uses including placing stops and tubes in the arches, crimp bands and gingival margins of the crowns to ensure a tight fit and attach and hook the hooks.

They can be angled or straight and must have a thin tip for better intraoral access. They are specially designed to avoid any damage or cuts of hooks, bands or tubes while they are being pressed.

Hollow Pliers

Hollow pliers are used to remodeling and contour arches and form palatine arches. The tips are arranged with concave and convex jaws designed to make remodeling simple and precise. These pliers work well in stainless steel and (titanium nickel) arches up to 0.020 inches.

Loop Pliers

Pliers designed to form loops on the orthodontics arches, they dispose of special tips to facilitate the creation of the curvature in different thicknesses, it is important to make sure the compatibility of the tool according to the thickness of the steel to be bend to achieve effortless and predictable results.

Pliers for elastics

Pliers designed to expand and hold elastics during placement. These pliers present a long conical tip in the shape of a barrel for principal accessibility and the placement of any quadrant.

The peaks may be inclined, and the tip slotted to avoid the slide until the elastic is ready to be placed. The width of the opening is often controlled through a screw.

Specialized Orthodontics Pliers

Given the diversity and innovation of some treatments, there are orthodontic specialized pliers that may include a variety of orthodontics tools intended to carry out complex dental procedures, such as precision nance loop forming, retainer forming, tweed and helix looping, external face-bow adjustment, crown extraction among others.

The active part of these orthodontic specialized pliers is designed to realize a specific procedure. They may include tungsten carbide inserts for added strength, superior grip and prevention of sharp and pointed ends when cutting.

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